Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When Will We All Be Equal ?

Sean Grant

March 25, 2014

Blog 7 (Wise and website)

Brown vs Board of Education

                When seeing this at first I instantly thought of high school, because I remember this case being one of the, if not the, most significant court cases in America.  But I only looked at it through my high school eyes, and not now after all these readings and years in college and how open my eyes really are now.  So I knew this time reading about it will give me a different feel than I had in high school.  The most significant part of this was that it was during the fight for civil rights.  Although people realized how wrong it was, there were still many people believing in the old ways whether it was right or not.  This obviously led to many problems especially after the Civil War promised those of color a different environment when they returned.  But that was not the case at all.  Still even in our laws, segregation was present, whether it was related to school, going out to restaurants, and even using public bathrooms.  People knew that this was not right and that things needed to change.  Although it would not be an overnight change, Brown vs the Board of education was “a big step forward,” and even today our strides are still going forward.  But not only was racism a big part then in the 1950s, the videos proved that racism still exists and now that our president is black, racism is growing, or for the most part, becoming more visible.  Though most of us see these problems as obvious, most people are still blind to the fact. 

To be honest, racism will never go away, because no matter what there will always be people going against someone or something.  We can try to change it and we will come very close to racial equity, but we will never reach it to 100%.  Not only from white people though, in one of my African classes our professor made a point that really stuck to me.  When a person of color has the chance, they will always think of how wrongly white people treated them.  So no matter how hard we try, there will be positives and negatives.  Yes we need to learn from the past, but both whites and people of color need to forget about the past and not hold grudges or try holding to old ways.  We realize people change and need to make the change reality.

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